SQL query results into CSV file

You must have fired those select statements tons of times. So you hit a query, get your results and you are done. But what if the next day you felt like going through the results you found the other day. Simple.. hit the query again. But what if the query was complex and you need […]

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MySQL – Dump those tables

So how do you take backup of your MySQL database? Simple, launch SQLYog or HeidiSQL and export your database. Well its an easy solution on Windows. How would you go about it on Linux or simply put how wud you do it on command prompt. The answer is mysqldump. Its there on your system once […]

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Letz Talk Ruby and Rails

This is about Ruby and of course Rails. So lets get onto Ruby on Rails wagon. These are some things that I keep using these days: To check for empty file field: @image = Image.create params[:image] unless params[:image][:file_data].kind_of? StringIO here params[:image][:file_data] is the hash for image to be loaded. If the file field is blank, […]

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