Rake Tasks

rake cache:clear # Clears all cached pages rake db:bootstrap # Loads a schema.rb file into the database and then loads the initial database fixtures. rake db:bootstrap:copy_default_theme # Copy default theme to site theme rake db:bootstrap:load # Load initial database fixtures (in db/bootstrap/*.yml) into the current environment’s database. Load specific fixtures using FIXTURES=x,y rake db:fixtures:load # […]

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Rails Stuff

Some useful rake commands: rake migrate version=0 rake test:units rake test:functionals rake annotate_models rake db:sessions:clear rake doc:app rake log:clear rake db:test:prepare -> prepares test database with development database schema rake -T #displays all rake tasks with description Generators: ruby script/generate model ModellName ruby script/generate controller ListController show edit ruby script/generate scaffold ModelName ControllerName ruby script/generate […]

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Letz Talk Ruby and Rails

This is about Ruby and of course Rails. So lets get onto Ruby on Rails wagon. These are some things that I keep using these days: To check for empty file field: @image = Image.create params[:image] unless params[:image][:file_data].kind_of? StringIO here params[:image][:file_data] is the hash for image to be loaded. If the file field is blank, […]

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