Rails 3 – Action Mailer

Today I will try to put down some basic changes that ActionMailer got with Rails 3. Using a mailer model and a view, ActionMailer allows you to send emails from Rails application. Mailers get inherited from base class of ActionMailer i.e ActionMailer::Base and views reside with controller views. Generating a mailer is simple. $rails g […]

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I am back on track .. track of writing something new here… and this time it is Migrations .. Rails Migrations .. As you must be knowing (u all Rails enthusiasts) that migrations allow you to make changes to your database schema. In doing so, you also get the facility of moving from version x […]

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Rake Tasks

rake cache:clear # Clears all cached pages rake db:bootstrap # Loads a schema.rb file into the database and then loads the initial database fixtures. rake db:bootstrap:copy_default_theme # Copy default theme to site theme rake db:bootstrap:load # Load initial database fixtures (in db/bootstrap/*.yml) into the current environment’s database. Load specific fixtures using FIXTURES=x,y rake db:fixtures:load # […]

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Rails Stuff

Some useful rake commands: rake migrate version=0 rake test:units rake test:functionals rake annotate_models rake db:sessions:clear rake doc:app rake log:clear rake db:test:prepare -> prepares test database with development database schema rake -T #displays all rake tasks with description Generators: ruby script/generate model ModellName ruby script/generate controller ListController show edit ruby script/generate scaffold ModelName ControllerName ruby script/generate […]

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Letz Talk Ruby and Rails

This is about Ruby and of course Rails. So lets get onto Ruby on Rails wagon. These are some things that I keep using these days: To check for empty file field: @image = Image.create params[:image] unless params[:image][:file_data].kind_of? StringIO here params[:image][:file_data] is the hash for image to be loaded. If the file field is blank, […]

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