jQuery – Playground

jQuery makes playing with the DOM elements so easy and concise that its just not possible to think of any other approach. So as an example, if I wanted to select all  checked radio buttons  with their ids starting with ‘spec’ with value = ‘no’ $(“:input[id^=’spec’][value=’no’]:radio:checked”) For text fields, the usual way to access the […]

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JQuery: Count elements with similar ids

So I got stuck with the problem of counting the text fields with ids like ‘field1’, ‘field2’, ‘field3’ etc. <input id=’field1′ name=’somename_one’/> <input id=’field2′ name=’somename_two’/> <input id=’field3′ name=’somename_three’/>   I need to get the count of such dynamically generated fields. With JQuery, it can be done simply with the following statement: $(“:input[id^=field]”).length This statement will […]

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JQuery – Multi Column Table sorting

JQuery + tablesorter plugin is a nice way of implementing multi column table sorting. All you need to do is include two javascripts in your source code. In rails, I did it like this with minified versions of both the jss: <%= javascript_include_tag “jquery-min” %> <%= javascript_include_tag “jquery.tablesorter.min” %> In plain html, that would resolve […]

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