CORS – Set Access-Control-Allow-Origin for multiple domains

When there is a requirement to allow multiple request origins, you can do it with the following configuration: SetEnvIfNoCase Origin “https?:\/\/(dev|staging|game|mail)?(\d+)?$” ACAO=$0Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Origin %{ACAO}e env=ACAO This needs to go inside the Directory directive in the apache configuration file. With the snippet above, you will be able to allow requests from the following domains […]

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Set up awesome_print as default Rails console formatter

awesome_print pretty prints/formats Ruby objects. This post focuses on having awesome_print enabled in the rails console without changing/updating the Gemfile. This way it is available in all Rails applications and consoles. You can always add the gem to the Gemfile and have this working for that specific rails application. gem ‘awesome_print’, :require => ‘ap’ To […]

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