Mac OS X – Lion

In case you have been wondering about the next release of Mac OSX, Apple has put up some details about the next member of the OSX family. The new born cub is called LION, Mac OS X Lion, Lion being 10.7 version of the Mac OS X clan. Interested to know more? Here are some […]

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Ubuntu 9.04 !!!

Ubuntu 9.04 is Coming Soon! On April 23rd, 2009, the newest member of the Ubuntu family will be released and made available for download. For specific details, check out Ubuntu 9.04 The Ubuntu 9.04 pre-release version is available for download and testing.

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Leopard is out…

Leopard is out… This one is not from the jungle but from Apple. The latest OS / OSX release has been labelled LEOPARD. Leopard was always in the news as it was scheduled to be released with 300 new features and now that it has been released, all these new enhancements / features are available […]

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2007 and beyond…

After reading stuff on processors, memory, hard disks, memory and graphics cards, I thot of putting it down here so dat I cud refer it later. Lets put it down now. CPU: Heart of computer. Or is it the Brain? Well watever it is, it is getting big increments in performance year after year. Intel […]

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