Bash Bug – Shellshock – How to fix it – Ubuntu / CentOS / RedHat / Fedora

A vulnerability has been discovered in Bash shell (default shell in many Linux OSs) . To check if your bash version is affected, issue the folowing command on the Terminal: env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable’ bash -c ‘echo hello’ Vulnerable bash would show the folowing text: vulnerable hello If you are not vulnerable, you […]

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Install Gems without ri, rdoc documentation

These days it is not necessary to have gem documentation installed locally. This unnecessarily increases installation time. Unless you have specific requirement for locally available documentation, you can skip the installation of rdoc and ri documentation when installing gems. Just add this to your home directory in <home_directory>/.gemrc file gem: –no-document # skip installation of all documentation […]

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Capistrano 2 to Capistrano 3 upgrade

Now that Capistrano 3 is available, it is time to upgrade your capistrano deployment setup. It is recommended to backup your old capistrano files to a directory mkdir old_capistrano mv Capfile config/deploy.rb old_capistrano cd project_dir Instead of running capify . run cap install This should create following files Capfile config/deploy/staging.rb config/deploy/production.rb By default, this should […]

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Mac OS X – Lion

In case you have been wondering about the next release of Mac OSX, Apple has put up some details about the next member of the OSX family. The new born cub is called LION, Mac OS X Lion, Lion being 10.7 version of the Mac OS X clan. Interested to know more? Here are some […]

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Ubuntu 9.04 !!!

Ubuntu 9.04 is Coming Soon! On April 23rd, 2009, the newest member of the Ubuntu family will be released and made available for download. For specific details, check out Ubuntu 9.04 The Ubuntu 9.04 pre-release version is available for download and testing.

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