iOS4 – Works Great on iPhone 3GS

So I updated my iPhone 3GS with IPhone OS version 4 yesterday. All I was required to do was to install the latest version of iTunes (9.2) and I was able to install iOS4 without any glitch.

I really wanted to try out the new features that iOS4 brought with itself.

* Folders
* Multitasking
* Unified Inbox
* Wallpaper

Folders – Having been there for ages on other mobile platforms, folders make an entry on the iPhone as well. The best thing about folders in case of iPhone is the simplicity with which it is able to create folders. Drag and drop an app on another one and you have a working folder ready to be used. Btw one folder can only contain 12 apps (possibly coz of space constraints).

Multitasking – Yes! We finally have the functionality of being able to run multipleapps on iPhone. And the job has been done really well. All you need to do now is pressthe home screen button twice and choose your app to get back to it. To close an app to save THE battery life, all you need to do is double press the home screen button -→ keep the app icon pressed to enter edit mode -→ tap on red circle to close the app -→ press home screen again to return home.. Wooh!!!

Unified Inbox – Nice functionality.

Wallpaper – Though this does not bring any functionality with it, it really does make the empty/blank icon real estate beautiful. You can choose same picture for wallpaper and login screen or assign two different pics for the two screens.

I came across some references on google where people have talked about the ill effects of iOS4 on their iPhone (not sure if they were talking about 3G) and how it has made their phones bulky (resource wise) and slow. I can only say that in my case, I had no problem in upgrading my iPhone and post installation, it worked like a charm.

iOS4 – Looks Great! Works Great! Give it a try!


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