iPhone: TextField custom textDidChange action

While working on a project, I came across a requirement where I was required to fire an action on textfield text change. I did not find any method that apple provides like it does for searchbar text change. With some research on google, I went ahead and created a custom method which was then added on textfield event change namely UICOntrolEventEditingChanged.

This was what I did to make it work.

In ViewDidLoad, I added the following code:

[myTextfield addTarget:self action:@selector(textFieldDidChange:) forControlEvents:UICOntrolEventEditingChanged];

Here I am attaching ‘textFieldDidChange’ method which will be called once the text in the myTextfield changes. I named it like this to make it sound more like the method for searchbar textchange method.

The actual method is:

-(void)textFieldDidChange {
// whatever you wanted to do
someLabel.text = myTextfield.text;

7 thoughts on “iPhone: TextField custom textDidChange action

  1. Marijn Rongen says:

    Thanks, this was just what I was looking for.
    However, I found out there were 2 small errors in your line for the viewDidLoad function.

    The code should be:
    [myTextfield addTarget:self action:@selector(textFieldDidChange) forControlEvents:UIControlEventEditingChanged];

    1. Mrijn Rongen says:

      Actually, the code where it said textFieldDidChange: was correct. The extra semicolon was for the following method. -(void)textFieldDidChange:id(sender)

  2. Ciginfo says:

    “UIControllEventEditingChanged” Undeclared

    Where and How to declare it ?

    Excuse me I’m French and novice.
    Thank you.

  3. Ciginfo says:

    No, it is OK
    C’était parce que j’avais réalisé un “copier Coller” qui m’avait restitué l’erreur “COntrol” et non “Control”.

  4. Kishor Kundan says:

    Just a typo error. “UIControllEventEditingChanged” notice the double “ll” “UIContro **here** ll **here** EventEditingChanged”

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