Leopard is out…

Leopard is out…

This one is not from the jungle but from Apple. The latest OS / OSX release has been
labelled LEOPARD. Leopard was always in the news as it was scheduled to be released
with 300 new features and now that it has been released, all these new enhancements / features
are available for you. Check it out on www.apple.com

The new release is obviously feature packed. The major features fall under these categories:

1. Universal Access
2. Mail
3. Preview
4. System
5. iChat
6. DVD Player
7. BootCamp
8. Finder
9. Time Machine

Other categories include Graphics and Media, Parental Control, Terminal, Dashcode, iCal and many more.

Universal Access – They have added anew voice. They call it Alex. Support for drag and drop using keyboard, added Braille panel, faster web and Page navigation and many other features.

Mail – Stationery added, forward email as attachment (already there in other OSes), photo browser, improved search, rich formatting.

Preview – Personalized annotations, improved color adjustment, PDF manipulation, Batch Image Operations, auto levels for Image manipulation.

System – Live Partition Resizing, Help Menu search (new search field in Help menu), Grammar check, Empty trash button, Eject all partitions (USB / FireWire).

iChat – PhotoBooth (apply effects to fotoz), backdrop effects, screen sharing, custom buddy list order, tabbed chat, SMS forwarding, File transfer manager, recording.

DVD Player – Auto zoom, floats above other apps, chapter thumbnails, parental control, time slider

BootCamp – Run XP & Vista @ native speed, assistant, copy files between XP and Mac, easy restore, convenient boot camp shortcut

Finder – Cover Flow – lets you flip thu ur files and shows the first page, connect Mac from anywhere, Instant screen sharing, bar for path, folder sharing.

Time Machine – Automatic Backup, Shows the various versions in a time wise manner, allows for manual backup too, preserves privileges, lets you browse other disks vreated with time machine.

SpotLight – Dictionary n calculations in spotLight, lets you search web history, searches by filename and searches system files too.

These are some features that have been released with the new Mac OSXLEOPARD.

And the price is:
Single user – $129
Family Pack – $199

Datz all 4 d time being….


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