2007 and beyond…

After reading stuff on processors, memory, hard disks, memory and graphics cards, I thot of putting it down here so dat I cud refer it later. Lets put it down now.

CPU: Heart of computer. Or is it the Brain? Well watever it is, it is getting big increments in performance year after year. Intel Core 2 Duo is just the beginning. Processors with 4 and 8 cores have started making news. With AMD and Intel struggling to top the market, its the consumer who will be getting better options to choose from. Intel is coming out with two processors:

Penryn and Yorkfield

Penryn is being made with 45nm technology and has 6MB of L2 cache. After this arrives the Big brother of Penryn. Welcome Yorkfield. Quad cores and total 12MB L2 cache (4 MB over Core 2 Quadz 8 MB L2 cache).

AMD on the other hand has Barcelona (K8L), Altair and Windsor. In Barcelona, AMD has borrowed OOE (Out of Order) Execution from Intel. AMDz Hyper transport technology and Integrated Memory controllers have made news in the past and technology on parallel lines is now being used by Intel. Intel soon will be coming out with a new architecture….Nehalem.

Fusion technology is also something which is being worked on by both technology giants. Fusion technology lets you put GPU (Graphics Processing unit) on CPU itself. In the near future, we could see processors with 3 CPUs and 1 GPU or 2 CPUs and 2 GPUs.

CHIPSET: Think of processors and the first thing that crops up is Chipset. Motherboard is nothing but the pair of specific chips: NorthBridge and SouthBridge. As time has passed, chipsets have seen a lot of changes. Processors have moved from 478 to 775 socket. Intel’s 925/915 series evolved from 800 series.

G33 and P35 (code named Bearlake) will be the new chipsets for 45 nm processors. It has memory controller that supports DDR3 and new southbridge to support processors built on 45nm technology.

MEMORY: DDR3 has prefetch buffer of 8 bit whereas DDR2 had 4 and DDR had 2. It has lower power consumption and theorotical transfer rate of 800-1600 MHz.

GRAPHICS CARD: High end graphic cards have been using GDDR3 for some time now. It has memory speeds up to 2 GHz. GDDR4 has also made its entry.

HARD DISK: We have HDDz coming up in sizes that we had never even dreamt of. 120/ 160 / 250 / 500 GB drives are a norm now. Hitachi has come up with 1 TB (tera byte) hdd that has 32Mb cache. Hybrid HDDs are also making news theez dayz. These drives will have up to 1 gig of cache (flash based) for some terabytes of storage capacity.

With so much to look out for…..lets hope that all these innovations make our lives easier. But the truth is, with all those advancements in hardware, nothing much has changed. Softwares have become even more bulkier. Now we have OSes dat demand atleast 1 Gigabyte of RAM to work properly whereas in the past this amount of RAM was sufficient enuf to play graphics intensive games, manipulating layered photografs, listening to music and doing all possible stuff.

Lets keep our fingers crossed. Some day things will change 😉


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