openSuSe….Name is enuf!!!

With the latest release standing @ 10.2, openSuSe has made its Linux distribution pretty impressive. i have tried till date some 4 releases of SuSe and this has been the best of them all.

The grub animated boot screen has a different touch to it. But the default grub screen looks cool.

opensuse boot

Installation was not much a problem. But I had to get my way thru its recommended partitions and specify my own custom made partitions. But once it was done, the installation required only few clicks.


After installation, the first thing that I liked was the start menu. It has been categorised and gives access to almost everything. Added search field helps you find your program with just few alphabets.

kickoff menu

Yast Control Center does not miss on any feature to be configured. The package manager also remains easy to use.

yast control centre

In all its a very good distribution. It has a very decent hardware detection capability. All in all it has all the features that would make you stick to it. And all this @ a price which you would never imagine. ITS FREE!!! 😀

For all the upcoming releases and additional features keep visiting their site:

(NOTE: All screenshots used are either from openSUSE site or from other forums.)


2 thoughts on “openSuSe….Name is enuf!!!

  1. This is a great web site. I have some great web pages myself if you are interested to share. But I should not go on about my site too much, that is not fair, right?

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