Where are we with Linux?

Let me admit … I am not Ambidextrous…I mean I am learning Linux but not Windows coz I am way behind in Linux as compared to Windows. 😀

But we all have opinions. Even those who are not using Linux talk about it these dayz. So Y shud I be behind others? 🙂

We all know (well not all 😉 ) that Linux has become pretty user friendly in the last couple of years. By user friendly, I mean it has become very much WINDOWed. All thanks to Windows that unless things appear inside windows, we don’t want to see them. So now Linux distributions are becoming more windowed. Starting from OS installation to Software download and installation has become hassle free and easy.

Things that have become easy to do with Linux in almost all distributions are :

* Installation – Step wise installation has really become easy. It is wizard based in almost all distributions. Only some distributions like Zenwalk continue to provide you with nothing but command line based installation option. But that doesn’t make them less customizable distributions.

ubuntu installation confirmation

* Software Management – Almost all distributions have their own software management tool:

1) Synaptic Package Manager – Pretty common. Whatever you need can be downloaded and installed instantly


2) Yast – If u know SuSe, then you know this. Click and zippy…u have your software installed.


(NOTE: All screenshots have been obtained from various tech sites or Linux distribution sites.)


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