Windows Shortcuts – Shorcuts that come Handy!!!

I don’t know whether mouse is faster than keyboard but once you know the shortcuts for your common actions, I think Keyboards can prove to be really fast and can easily outdo mouse….

So here are some of those unknown ones:

Those that can be used with Start -> Run Dialog (Win Key + R):

>> Management Consoles:

* dfrg.msc – Defragment

* diskmgmt.msc – Disk Management

* iis.msc – IIS

* services.msc – Services

* compmgmt.msc – Computer Management

>> Control Panel Utilities:

* appwiz.cpl – Add/Remove Programs

* inetcpl – Internet Properties

* sysdm.cpl – System Properties (can be inwoked with Win Key + Pause/Break key)

* desk.cpl – Display Properties

>> Some more:

* control – control panel

* ipconfig

* ever seen windows clipboard – try this – clipbrd

* cmd – Command prompt

* msconfig – configure how your system starts and what it loads

How to use:

Example : Start -> Run and type services.msc. Hit enter or click OK and this will take you to the services window.

Browser related:

If you directly want to place ur cursor on address bar, press F6.

Offcourse F5 is for reload.


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