Hello Thiruvananthapuram aka Trivandrum !

Well the name has so many syllables but for me it does not matter(because I can say “Thiruvananthapuram” with ease). The reason I am putting down all this in a blog is that right now I am in Trivandrum. I do not remember the exact time but I guess it was around 11 a.m. when Neil Armstrong kept his first step on the Trivandrum Central Railway Station 😉 .

So there I was standing on the station – alone. I felt deserted for a while (because I was away from my North Indian civilization by a distance of 2000 kms) but then it was too late to feel that way. I made a quick call back home to make them believe that I had reached safely to Trivandrum 😉 . I used the next call for talking to my company’s Chief Operating Officer.

One thing I knew about Kerela was that very few people knew Hindi. Well on the railway station’s taxi stand, there were some of them who could talk in if not good but “OK” hindi.

I dint have to wait for my cab. It was already there. From there, we went to GINGER (by we I mean driver and me and BTW GINGER is a hotel and I came to know that therz one coming up in Pune). The hotel was nice and room was pretty cool. But when you ae alone, you can not enjoy al l this I guess. So I watched TV for some time. 80% channels were regional. I managed to find ZEE TV for myself. After dinner, the day was over for me.


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